I’ve known about the Ceylon programming language by Red Hat for quite some time now and read much of their concepts of improvements for their language. I’ve finally decided to just jump in and create my first hello world program.

My results were a succes.

Before I got started with Ceylon I was thinking about how I would design my own programming language from scratch, and Ceylon happened to be the one that is the closest fit.

Here’s the Ceylon cheat sheet I have created so far (which I like to create for many of the new things I learn to help solidify understanding and memorization):


Ceylon Cheat Sheet

How to get started from scratch

  1. Download and install Java 7+ and Eclipse
  2. Open Eclipse and install the Ceylon plugin

    1. Go to Help->Install New Software
    2. In the “Work with” field, enter the URL: http://ceylon-lang.org/eclipse/updatesite/ and hit Enter
    3. Click “Select All”, then “Finish”
  3. After it’s done installing, go to Help->Welcome to Ceylon to get started with the first project

How to create my first Ceylon project

  1. Open the Ceylon perspective: From the menu bar, Window->Perspective->Open Perspective->Other->Ceylon
  2. Create a Ceylon project: From the menu bar, File->New->Ceylon Project
  3. In the popup, give the project a name, then click finish
  4. Create a source file: File->New->Ceylon Source File, give it a name, then click finish. (Sidenote: If you give the compilation unit an initial lowercase name, the wizard will fill in a method declaration. If you give it an initial uppercase name, the wizard will fill in a class declaration.)
  5. Add the following code to the file and save:

     shared void hello() {
         print("Hello, this is Ceylon ``language.version``  
                 running on ``runtime.name`` ``runtime.version``!\n
                 You ran me at ``system.milliseconds`` ms, 
                 with ``process.arguments.size`` arguments.");
  6. Run the program: Run->Run As->Ceylon Java Application

Source: The Ceylon “Hello, World” tutorial in Eclipse.

Further Resources

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