Some of the greatest meals were discovered by mistake. This is under that category.

I usually eat my rice with tuna, eggs (ketchup optional), and/or other meats. I thought I had one more can of tuna left, but shame on me there is none and I feel too lazy to make scrambled eggs to go with it, and I didn’t feel like having soy sauce this night. I was eating some Cheez-It’s and eureka! I should try this with my rice. Lo and behold fresh cooked rice tastes good with the delicious Cheez-It baked crackers.

Disclaimer: I will never claim any food ideas of mine are healthy for anybody. Most likely they would probably near the opposite. But, guaranteed, I will have tried it already and give my honest opinions about the foods. (Possibly in the thumbs up rating scale from 1 to 10. (Re: Homer in The Simpsons))

Retrospect: I have been kind of addicted to salt recently and that’s very likely a contributing factor to liking the rice. But, I tried just plain rice with salt and I’m sure that I could not eat a half bowlful of it. My next rice experiment would then be try rice with mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, both shredded and a single slice. I’m doing just those because that’s all I have in my unrespectable size of college variety of foods.