Ongoing projects

  • LTE Discovery: Find & stay connected to the fastest connection available. Track signal info. Only possible on Android. (First release: 2013-01-21)
  • Simply Convert Units: Welcome to the last unit converter that you will ever need! (First release: pre-2012-04-28)

Finished Projects

  • Battery Saver Shortcut +Widget: Minimal Android app to open Battery Saver Settings. Only 13k in size. (2015-06-27)
  • KeyboardlessEditText: Custom Android view-widget. 120+ stars on GitHub. (2014-08-27)
  • Contactless Vital Signs: Using the Android camera, the app detects faces and starts to calculate heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. (2012-08 to 2012-12)
  • More with write-ups in blog posts
  • More on GitHub
  • Android app on Google Play
  • And even more side projects used for practicing more dev stuff.