Recently, I’ve just upgrade my Moto X from Android 4.4.4 to Android 5.1. The first two download attempts failed, but I’m here now.

Basically, every time I update my OS I like to keep it clean. And, on the contrary side, just before I clean and update my OS, I’ll likely install more programs that I wanted to temporarily test.

As a reminder to myself (and far future self), the following are the apps that I would want on my Android device at a minimum: (just in alphabetical order)

  • Action 3 Launcher: Features I like include simplicity, quick access to any apps in list by letter, good for minimal pages, integrated widgets/folder with app icon on homescreen, gesture controls. (I’ve purchased pro)
  • Calculator: Because I do math. The default calc app is fine.
  • Camera: Because I like taking pictures that I will never look at again.
  • Clock: Because I need an alarm sometimes. The default clock app is fine.
  • Dropbox: Great synchronization. So easy to transfer files to myself and others.
  • Gmail: Great synchronization and features, though, I don’t really use the non-desktop version much. (At this time, still better than Inbox, which lacks many shortcut features I like)
  • Google Goggles: Barcode scanner. Haven’t used it for anything else yet.
  • Google Maps: Do people use other maps?
  • Hangouts: Great integration with many devices.
  • Keep: Great synchronization and quick to write notes.
  • Phone: Sometimes I make phone calls. The default phone app is fine.
  • Simply Convert Units: Mainly for converting between different bases for work and other quick english/metric checks/reminders.

And, here’s a few more nice-to-haves:

  • Chrome browser: I occasionally use it, like when a different app I’m using it opens a link..
  • LTE Discovery: Lots of signal info
  • Play Store: Easy and trustworthy way to get apps.
  • Lumosity: Feels like I’m getting better at those specific brain games.
  • Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh: Just happens to be the one other game currently on my device.